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Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites." [Wikipedia

Ways to use wikis: organization tool; science fair project preparations; collaborative textbooks; literature circles; explanations of challenging procedures; field site; observations; teacher collaboration; student portfolios; data collection; problems the class is working to solve; research projects (instead of a PowerPoint); peer review of projects; tracking group projects; web sites; vocabulary lists; and local history.

Examples of Educational Wikis JA slide show of examples of wikis in education as of May 2008.

K-12 Social Studies Wiki Ideas

Swansea Learning Lab Wiki Make sure you look at the Tools and Reference Materials on the right-hand side for ideas.

Shambles' Wikis in Education

Student Contract and Guidelines for Wikis and Online Communications

What in the World Is a Wiki? Explains wikis are, how and why to use them, uses Wikispaces as the example.

Wikimatrix compare wikis by evaluating the contents and features, and comparing the software.

Places to Make Your Own Wiki:



Zoho Wiki 

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