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Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Convert Your PowerPoints to Video:

Most teachers have PowerPoint presentations they use in class to teach with.  Many student projects also involve creating PowerPoints to make presentation to the class.  You can easily convert these presentations to video and add narration.  Download the free PowerPoint Video Converter  After installing the program, watch this video to see how to use it. Convert the PowerPoint into JPGs and then edit them in Windows Movie Maker. 

Other ways to convert your PowerPoint file to video:

Flysuite is a full-featured online word processor and spreadsheet with the ability to work with Word  and Excel and comes with 1 GB of storage.  You can also protect your documents by choosing who can view, edit, save, save as, copy/paste, print, etc.  Send your document as an email attachment to work offline or work online with collaborators.  Chat is also available with your collaborators.

Peepel will allow you to import and export documents with Word and Open Office, collaborate with others on a document, and even work offline, and then resynch when you can get Internet connectivity again.

PowerPoint Substitutes: What do you do if you are at home or on vacation and need to create a PowerPoint slide show for school the next day and you aren't near a computer that has PowerPoint on it?  Or, you need to create a PowerPoint with a group of other people at the same time? No fear! The Internet is here!  Try one of these where you can create a slide show for free, burn it to a CD, email it to yourself at school and open it with some in PowerPoint! Some will require you to download their program to work but most will not. One other advantage or working with these, you can collaborate on your presentation with others online! Nice. Google Presentations (part of Google Docs), IBM Lotus Symphony (part of a whole Office suite of free applications),PreZentit, SlideRocket, ThinkFree (and part of a whole Office suite of free applications), Spicy Nodes, Projeqt, Vcasmo, and Zoho (again, part of a whole Office Suite of free applications). For PowerPoint substitute for tablets or iPads check the Apps section of this site.

PowerPoint Tutorials for learning how to create sophisticated PowerPoint animations using the Custom Animation feature in PowerPoint.  Take your PowerPoint to a whole new level!

Textfinder online tools and resources including "Line Break Removal Tool", put text in alphabetical order, remove white space or tabs, change to text to uppercase or lower case, capitalize sentences, plus online HTML tools.

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25 Creative Infographic Poster Designs

46 Tools to Make Infographics in the Classroom

Anatomy of an Infographic: 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual

Hohli Online Chart Builder

Information Is Beautiful

Many Eyes


What Are Infographics and Why Are They Important?

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PDF Converters

PDF Conversion: 10 Advantages of PDF Files

PDF Converter: Create PDF Online Free, Document to PDF Conversion Service - Convert Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Web Pages to PDF

PDFescape Annotate, create, edit, fill out, share, save and print PDF documents for free!

Zamzar converts documents, images, music, video and compressed formats. For example convert a pdf document into Word, html, RTF (Rich Text Format- accessible by any word processing program), and text amongst others. All for free.

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Photo Imaging Tools

99 Polls With your free account from 99polls you can now create customized surveys and polls for your website, blog and social network profiles.

Aviary Allows you to import from photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Facebook, work with layers and other tools. Offers free editing with the addition of a small watermark, as well as subscription plans for more advanced work.

Be Funky take any picture and transform it into a cartoon or a sketch.

Big Huge Labs is a collection of "gadgets" for turning your photos into jigsaw puzzles, a movie poster, a trading card, a mosaic, wallpaper, "Warholizer", bead art, cube, CD cover, etc.

Bubblr is a tool to create comic strips using photos from or other public-domain photos.

Cellsea free online photo editor with the ability to draw on photos as well as regular editing processes

Dvolver Moviemaker helps you make a movie in a few simple steps. It does NOT use your photos to make the movie.  When your opus is complete send it to a friend.  Or, post it to your website or myspace page.

Finetuna lets you easily grab any image off the web, write a note or speech bubble for placement on it, and then email it for posting on a blog or online journal.

FlickrStorm for finding photos. When using images for commercial or educational use, search Flickr using Flickr Storm. You can search by Creative Commons license, cite the resource properly, and rest assured that you're doing the right thing.

ImageChef takes a picture and makes it a place where you can add a message.  Don't have a picture but still want to create a message?  How about a banner? Visual poetry? Flower text? Baseball jersey? Basketball jersey? Football jersey? Soccer jersey? Button? Photo frame? License plate? Flag? Sign? and all are free!

Kerpoof is a free online creativity center where students can create their own pictures, stories, and movies. The Kerpoof studio provides students with scenes, characters, and props. Students use these tools to create stories that can be printed out or movies that they write and direct. These can be saved right on the website so students can revisit their picture, story, or movie.

Kwout use for creating screenshots of pages for use elsewhere. Kwout "is a way you quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map."

Library of Congress Photos on Flickr These are public-domain, copyright-free photos from the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information and The George Grantham Bain Collection, for which no known copyright exists.

PhotoPeach is an excellent online slideshow creator that is very easy to use. You can upload your own images as well as grab them off the Web. Plus, you can also now create quizzes within your slideshow.

Picasion makes an animated gif from your photo.

Pixenate free online photo editor as well as photo printing and photo sharing.

Pixlr Free image editor that might remind you of the offline version of Photoshop. Available in numerous languages and has an API that is free to use.

Screenhunter "An award-winning screen capture software solution to capture any part of screen image, print, edit screenshot with annotations, also with web capture, scanning and video screen capture. All Windows Vista compatible."

Snipshot Allows you some basic photo editing tools and the ability to save to the Web or your computer. You can open any image from the Web you have a URL for and more effects and tools are available for a premium subscription fee.

Web Photo Resizer Offers you extremely simple tools to resize an image, crop it, optimize it and make the image more usable online.

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Text to Speech Tools

AT&T Text to Speech Demo type in up to 300 characters and then choose your speaker- which includes male/female and American/UK English.  Other languages available include Spanish, German and French including Quebec French speakers.

HowJSay Enter the word you want and when it appears in pink, mouse over it to hear it spoken as often as you want. Each word is individually pre-recorded and no form of synthetic speech is used. Both American and British spellings are provided. Pronunciation is in Standard British English, with World English alternatives. Over 100,000 words listed.

Read the Words is a site where you upload an MS Word document, an Adobe PDF, an HTML file, cut and paste text, write text, a website address, an RSS feed, then choose one of 15 different readers to read it!  They also read French and Spanish. You can also control how fast the words are spoken.  You can listen to it online, download it to an MP3 player or iPod, post to a website, or turn it into a podcast.

Scribd is a free and easy way to upload what students have written, plus the audio capability of the site allows them to hear it read (which also can help students edit their own writing).

VozMe Type in some text and it will be converted into an MP3 file.

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Tool Collections

ClassTools Create 15 different free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet.

Cool Tools for Teachers is a wiki from Australia and has 18 different categories of tools.

Directory of Learning Tools is a blog that so far has over 3,000 tools that can be used for creating learning and performance support solutions as well as  for managing your own personal learning.  The tools in this Directory are both freeware/open source and commercial. 

Engaging Education using Web 2.0 Tools Slide presentation of 38 different Web 2.0 tools specifically for teachers.

The Generator Blog is a blog that spotlights "generators" that are available for free online.  These generator can be used to make acronyms, 3-D pictures, animated neon sign, ASCII, backgrounds, banners, birthday cakes, biorhythm charts, baby or bridal shower bingo cards, and on and on.  Scroll the archive to find what you are looking for.

Graphita adds captions, objects (hearts, etc.), thought bubbles, words, and doodles.

Interactive Learning Web Sites from Warrensburg, OH comes a huge collection of links for using Web 2.0 in the classroom.  From application sites to collaboration sites and specific content area sites they are all here.  Great place to find ideas!  Don't forget to look at the other web site collections that run on the left-hand side of the site!

Kathy Schrock's Web 2.0 Tools for Educators "list of no-cost Web 2.0 sites that are available for teachers to evaluate. Many of these tools are on the open Internet, so look at them carefully before using with your students! Be sure to check out my Shedding Light on Web 2.0 page listed below with links to over 50 tools for teachers and learners."

Search Free Apps search by topic, app name or scroll down and click on a category.

Top 100 Web 2.0 Tools for Learning Spring 2008 with annotated links

Web 2.0 Tools from Kidsnetsoft blog.  Annotated list of 2.0 tools ranging from Animoto to Zoho Notebook.

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Web Site Stuff

Roxer Create a free website in minutes!

Hipero over 200 templates for making your own web site.

WebNode another free web site builder!

Weebly create a free web site with its own blog. This link goes to a special link for educators.

WhoIs finds out who owns a web site.  Thinking about using a web site with your class, but have questions?  Use Whois to find out more about the ownership.

Yola used to be Synthesite but still a nice place to build a site with all of the great stuff associated with Synthesite with over 100 customizable templates and 24/7 online support.

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Everything Else

57 Useful Google Tools You've Never Heard Of!  Google isn't just a search engine and this blog entry explains how much more it is and how they can be used. \

Aniboom The Shape Shifter WEB application allows you to create frame-by-frame animation through the use of black and white geometric shapes. The shapes can be manipulated so that you can change their size, angle, and placement in reference to the other chosen shapes, allowing you to create an animated character or image of your choice. After creating the image you can add sound, save your creation on the website, and send the link to your friends. You can also receive ratings from the other viewers. All this can be done online without having to download the application onto your computer.

Digital Storytelling Resources Includes free storyboard resources and general movie-making resources for teachers

Exploratree is an online library of "thinking guides" or mind maps.  Print them out or fill them in online.

Flux Time is a new and simple to use vector animation software.

Google Earth and how to use it.

Jeopardy Labs not a PowerPoint but an actual Jeopardy game with its own web address!  Build it online and the website is generated.  Free registration and then start building. "All jeopardy templates you create become available on the public domain."

Mailinator instant and disposable email addresses for those who love these web services but don't want to give an email address to register for these services with a real email address; also usable by students for registration for wikis and blogs.

Mindmeister is a collaborative mind mapping program with as many simultaneous users as you want and each will have their own color!  You can make and store up to six mind maps for free and work on them online or off.

Moodle is a course-management system that is a free, open source software package.  It is used by thousands of educational institutions around the world to provide an organized interface for e-learning, or learning over the Internet.  It can be used by one teacher, by a school, or by a university.  Moodle allows educators to create online courses, which students can access as a virtual classroom.

Smore Create an online flyer that can then be posted to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Sumo Paint take your students beyond Window's Paint program for free.  The abilities of this program are only limited by your imagination!

Tag Crowd make your own tag cloud from any text to visualize word frequency

TeacherTube videos created for and by teachers for use in the classroom AND free!

TouchGraph tool from Google that reveals the network of connectivity between websites.

WikiSend It allows you to get around being blocked from emailing large files as attachments. Instead, you just upload to Wikisend and get a URL address for it up to 100 megabytes.  Most of the other applications for doing this require you to download software and this one doesn’t.

Wordl is a tool "for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes."

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