Increase Your Vocabulary!

Alphabetize the Words Drag the words on the left to the space on the right in alphabetical order!  Complete five sets of words.

Hang Mouse Click on a category!  Complete three different categories.

Find the Names of the Fifty States Word Search Click on the first or last letter of the name of a state and drag across, then release to identify each state.

Match It! Do this with five different sets of words.

Which Word? Complete all 31 words.

Word Sort  Complete any six units.  Try each one with the timer off and on.

Sentence Unscramble Complete all 31 sentences.

8 Letters in Search of a Word How many words can you find using the eight letters for each level?  Remember the timer is running!  Can you reach level 10?

Free Rice The game will adjust to your ability as you play!  How high can you go?

Created by Linda DeVore

Last Updated Monday, August 23, 2010