Newton's Laws of Motion

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Newton's Laws of Motion

1. Motion  Review and then take quiz.  Write down your score.


2. Amusement Park Physics   Read about the roller coaster and it’s   history.  Read through the Physics Glossary.  Use what you have read to “Design a Roller Coaster”.  Write down the heights, shapes, exit paths of your “hills”, and the type of loop.  Write down your results.  Change your settings.  What settings do you have to have to have both a safe and a fun rating?

3. Funderstanding Roller Coaster Take what you have learned above and apply it at this site. This time you will also have to decide on the initial speed of the coaster, its mass, the gravity at work, and the amount of friction on the track. Click on the green arrow to start your roller coaster once you have made your settings. Remember, you can get more help on what you are adjusting by clicking on the question mark beside each slider. What is your best time?  What settings did you use to get it?

4. Build a Coaster This site is much simpler.  Simply drag the red track icons to the unfinished sections of the roller coaster in the picture and finish it.  How high can you get your "Fear-O-Meter"?

Created by Linda DeVore

Last Updated Wednesday, October 13, 2010