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Convert These Measurements Complete 20 problems correctly.

Alien Angles Friendly aliens are traveling to a new space colony on Planet Geometry. Unfortunately some aliens have lost their way. You have been placed in charge of the rescue mission. It is your responsibility to set the correct angle on the rescue launcher. The computer will generate the launch angle. To be successful, you must estimate the angle on the rescue launcher within 5.  There are 10 aliens to find in all. Good luck with your mission.

Units of Measurement  Drag the units of distance from least to greatest on the lines provided.  When you get them in the correct order write them down.

Correct Units of Measurement With what unit would you measure the following things?  Match the units on the right to their correct items on the left.

Customary Systems Answer all 29 questions and show your score to your teacher.

Measure It  Complete all 7 categories.

Fruit Picker Turn the fruit picking machine to pick all the fruit and fill the basket.  It is possible to take just six moves but it is very difficult!  Can you do it?  Be sure to choose "Harder".

Measuring Angles After watching the Intro click on "Skip Intro". Now click on Make the "Angle Game".  Answer 10 questions.  Write down your score.  Click on "Teacher Controls" and then click on "Up to 180 degrees in tens".  Answer 10 questions and write down your score.

Banana Hunt Drag the monkey to the location of the bananas.  How many bananas can you find in 10 searches?  Write down your score.   

Test Your Angle Knowledge "When you click the Start button, an alien spaceship will fly out on to your screen. It's your job to decide at what angle you will have to aim your laser to bring the spaceship down!"  After ten spaceships write down your score.

Names of Polygons Complete ten problems or until you get at least 90% correct.

Parts As Wholes Complete and write down the answers for questions 1, 2 and 3. 

Platonic Solids Follow the directions on the right-hand side of the screen and then write down the number of edges, vertices and faces for the shape showing.  Complete this information for all five (5) solids.

Shape Invaders The world is being attacked by a particularly vile bunch of Shape Invaders. Their mission is to cause widespread chaos by bombarding the Earth with imposter shapes (shapes that claim to ones they're really not). People across the world are becoming confused by these imposter shapes. It is your job (Hexagon Man) to destroy the imposter shapes and prevent even more confusion and chaos! Only you and your magical, golden hexagons can prevent a disaster of epic proportions!

Turtle Geometry Can you get the turtle through the maze?? 

Created by Linda DeVore

Last Updated Sunday, October 17, 2010