Island Vacation

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Island Vacation

You have been given $25 million which you have used to design and build your own paradise island retreat!  It is beautiful and perfect! Now, you want other people to come and spend their vacation dollars on YOUR island retreat!  To get people to your island you are going to design a brochure.  Your brochure must include the following items:

A Cover:

1.   The name of your island (be original).

2.   Includes a picture with a caption.

3.   Come up with a thematic slogan for your island.

4.   List necessary telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for people to make their reservations.

Three inside pages:

1.   Island map (include sights, attractions, restaurants, snacks, stores/shops, rest rooms etc.) include a picture key [Use the Paint program to create your map.]

2.   At least one picture with caption

3.   Schedules, admittance packages, tour information, price lists, (include age groups)

4.   Attractions, special events, and activities - list or chart

5.   Average temperature and weather report

6.   Rules / warnings.

7.   Lodging accommodations and price list. (Include camping)

8.   Restaurants, snack bars, mini menu

9.   Pet, child care accommodations.

10.   Previous visitor comments.

11.   Full page for history at least 125 words, include pictures.

Back Cover:

1.   Picture

2.   Directional map of Island location (ex. where on the continent ) include a key

3.   Short persuasive paragraph why visitors should visit your island.

4.   Phone numbers, fax numbers, websites, contacts.

5.   Symbol that represents your island theme.

6.   Your name, date, and block, number.

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