Greek Gods and Goddesses

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Greek Gods and Goddesses 

Using this worksheet copy down information for your god or goddess.



Biographies of Greek Mythology Scroll down three pages to a large list of biographies listed alphabetically.  (The biographies are shown in both Spanish and English.)


Classical Mythology Scroll down through the names of the gods and click on the link.  (Further information can be found when the name of the god is a link- underlined and in a different color from text.)


 Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology Listed alphabetically.  Click on the first letter of the name you are searching for.               


Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek Mythology In the search box in the upper right-hand corner type in the name you are searching for.


Greek Gods, Heroes, and Men Scroll down for a myth.


Greek Gods- History for Kids Scroll down and click on the appropriate god or goddess.


Greek Mythology Search by category- gods, heroes, creatures, stories or family tree.


Greek Search by category- Olympian Gods, Titans, Other Gods, Myths, Creatures, Figures, Myths, Places and Heroes.        


The Immortals Scroll down through the alphabetical listing and click on the name for further information.                           


Major Gods and Goddesses of the World click on the letter of the alphabet for the first letter of your god or goddess, or scroll through the list.


Mythography In the search box on the right-hand side of the screen type in the name you are searching for.               


MythHome Scroll down through the list alphabetically for the name you are searching for. Click on either Gods or Heroes to find information.


Pantheon In the search box type in the name you are searching for.


Theoi Greek Mythology Search by category- Greek gods and Goddesses, Titans and Titanesses, Fabulous Creatures, Giants, Heroes, Kings and Villains; or Nymphs.

Using the information that you have collected create a PowerPoint on your god or goddess.

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Last Updated Wednesday, October 13, 2010