Geometry - Shapes and Angles

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Geometry - Shapes and Angles

The Area of a Triangle answer the five questions after learning about the properties of triangles

Torch Game "torch" is the British word for flashlight! For this game first set your difficulty to multiples of 10 to 360.  In the black box a yellow dot will appear and your job is to determine the angle at which the yellow dot appears.  If you are correct, a person will appear in the light from your "torch".  Keep adjusting your angle until you are able to find the person.  Find the person 10 times.

Chinese Tangrams How many shapes can you complete?

Explore Angles complete ten problems

Geometry from AAA Math choose three lessons from each topic and change topics when you have gotten ten answers correct.

Reflective Symmetry Which letters of the alphabet reflect vertically?  Which reflect horizontally?

Pentominoes follow the directions on the page!

Make Patterns Using Simple Logo create three of the patterns shown using the buttons.

Perimeter Explorer A shape will be automatically generated with the area that you choose. Calculate the perimeter of this shape. Make sure to click on Keep Score after your first problem.  Write down your score after ten problems.

Interactive Geometry@Ambleweb use the tools to explore the properties of various regular and irregular shapes

Robo Packer First time through don't use the timer and stay on level 1.  Second time put the timer on.  Right down your time!  Third time change the level to level 2 and leave the timer on.  Write down your time.  What is the highest level that you can reach with the shortest time?

Shape Explorer A random shape will be automatically generated. Calculate the area and perimeter of this shape. Make sure to click on Keep Score after your first problem.  Write down your score after ten problems.

Shape Invaders The world is being attacked by a particularly vile bunch of Shape Invaders. Their mission is to cause widespread chaos by bombarding the Earth with imposter shapes (shapes that claim to ones they're really not). People across the world are becoming confused by these imposter shapes. It is your job (Hexagon Man) to destroy the imposter shapes and prevent even more confusion and chaos! Only you and your magical, golden hexagons can prevent a disaster of epic proportions!

Shape Surveyor Complete levels 1, 2 and 3 for Perimeter and Area

Toon University - help Robot Guy save the planet by stopping "Deadly Glowing Flying Saucers from Deep Space"

Triangle Explorer the Explorer will drawn random triangles and you will determine the area of the triangles.  If you are incorrect, hints are available.

Turtle Geometry Can you get the turtle through the maze?

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