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 Algebra! Algebra!  


Color Chips Addition drag positive and negative chips to represent addition problems and solve the problem.


Color Chips Subtraction drag positive and negative chips to represent addition problems and solve the problem.


Equations Choose a topic on equations and click on it.  Scroll down to Practice and choose one format. Complete one level of 10 problems.  Click on "Report Totals" and print out each work sheet.  Make sure your name is on the sheet before you print it out.  Complete six different topics!


Algebra Scales Your goal is to determine the weight of one or more of the objects.


VectorKids  See how many one or two-step equations you can solve in one minute!


Cyberchase Figure out the patterns to beat the Gigabyte cloners!


Tutpup!  Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and then work your way through the levels.


Algebra Puzzles Find the value of each of the three objects presented in the puzzle. The numbers given represent the sum of the objects in each row or column. Sometimes, only one object will appear in a row or column. That makes the puzzle easier to solve. Other times, you will have to look for relationships among the objects.


Equation Buster! Using the number lines to choose your number and then add, subtract, multiply or divide-- step by step.  Complete 20 problems.


Line Gem a fun little Algebra game that teaches you how to draw lines by finding points then drawing a line though them.


Inequality Games Click on Basic Inequalities and complete twenty problems. Click on Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations, Solving Multiplication, Solving Division or Solving Inequalities.  Complete through Step 4.  If you get at least 8 right out of 10 problems, then you’re ready to move on to the next type of equation.  If not review “In Depth” and try it again.


Algebra Balance Scales  Click and drag quantities from bins to balance beam pans to represent the equation.  Click on Continue to work through the problem keeping it in balance.


Algebra Four  Choose One-Step or Two-Step Problems.  Set time limit to No Time Limit and leave difficulty level at “One”.  Competing with the person to either your right or your left, play the game.  When you have completed the game, go back and change the level to “Two”.



Created by Linda DeVore

Last Updated Sunday, February 27, 2011