Exploring Aviation Scavenger Hunt Man flying small plane.

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Scavenger Hunt Handout

History of Aviation                                                                                   

1) What is an ornithopter?           Ornithopter

2) Who invented it?            


1) Name three stunts performed by barnstormers.

2) How did barnstormers advertise upcoming shows?

The Wright Brothers

1) Where did they get the idea for a "flexible wing" for controlling flight?

Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk 2)  How long did the flight last in 1903?

How Airplanes Work  Read through sections 1-5:

What are the four aerodynamic forces that allow straight and level flight and how does each work? Create a drawing showing the forces.





How Do Things Fly Choose two items that fly on this page and explain how each one flies.


2)                                                                                                      Blimp

Milestones of Flight

1) What was Sputnik and why was it important to the history of US aviation?

2) Who was the first American to walk in space and what did he do while "walking" in space?

History of Air Transportation

1) What was the "Jenny"?

2) How did air mail pilots find their way?  Then, click on "Test Your Contact Flying Skills".  How did you do?  Click on the Back button when you are finished.

3) When did airlines take over carrying the mail?

4) What was it like to fly on passenger planes between 1927 and 1941 and who flew?               

                                                                                                                                             cartoon airplane

5) Click on Activities at the top of the screen and click on Baggage Claim. Match the luggage to its owner.

6) Click on Air Routes at the top of the screen under the Activities tab.  What were the "hub" cities for Delta in 2000, Northwest Airlines in 1990, and American Airlines in 1980.

Around the World in 18 Days

1) Click on "Track His Journey Around the World" and put the five "logs" of his journey in the correct order. 

2) Click on "Make a Newsreel Video of His Journey" which pops up after you put his logs in the correct order.  Follow the directions on the screen to make a video of his "complete journey".  When you have done this show the teacher for signature. _________________

Amelia Earhart

1) World War I was between 1914 and 1918.  What did Amelia do during WWI?

2) When did Amelia break her first world's record and what was it?

3) What made her a "celebrity"?

Seaplane in flight 4) List two theories as to what happened to Amelia Earhart.    



Plane Math Activities

Do the following activities.  After you click on the activity, click on Lesson. You do NOT need to complete the group activity at the end.

 1. Flight Path

2. Pie in the Sky

3. Time Flies


****When you have completed all ten websites, you can go back to either History of Air Transportation- Activities or do some of the other Plane Math Activities.

Created by Linda DeVore

Last Updated Monday, August 23, 2010