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Energy Resources

  1. ABCs of Solar Energy
    Learn about the components of solar energy.
  2. About Hydropower
    A site for information on this type of energy.
  3. Adventures in Energy
    Oil and gas resources are explored here.
  4. Biomass
    Site discusses uses of biomass materials such as hay, meadowfoam, switchgrass and sawdust and wood shavings.
  5. Energy Fuelling the Future
    Interactive gallery to explore power.
  6. Energy Information
    A general search tool to find information on the different types of energy.
  7. Energy Quest
    An online story that describes and discusses energy and the various forms of energy.
  8. Energy Sources
    Information on different energy sources in included, as are advantages and disadvantages of each.
  9. Explore More: The Future of Energy
    A closer look at the issues of energy.
  10. Geothermal Energy
    Includes information on how found, how used, etc.
  11. Hoover Dam Electricity
    Find out about the Hoover Dam and its part in providing energy.
  12. Hydroelectric Energy
    U.S. Geological survey on hydroelectric energy.
  13. Hydropower
    The Energy Story
  14. Learning About Renewable Energy
    Energy efficiency is also discussed here.
  15. National Science Digital Library
    Free online library for education and research.
  16. Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy
    Information on the continuing issues involving nuclear energy.
  17. Renewable Energy Sources
    Website full of links to other websites about the various renewable energy sources.
  18. Solar Energy
    Harnessing the sun's energy for our electrical needs.
  19. Wind Energy
    Wind with Miller- animated explanation of the physics and technology of wind energy.
  20. Wind Industry
    Wind basics!

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