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The Constellations Explanation of a constellation and an asterism, as well as a history of constellations.


The 88 Constellations of the Night Sky Good site to find out when best viewed and where best viewed from as well as the right ascension and declination.


Table of Constellations Good site for star information for a constellation.


Alphabetical Constellation List Gives position in sky, named stars with link for further information about named stars, and short mythology.


Constellations Includes chart with meaning of name of a constellation, its abbreviation, a link to a star map of the constellation during the time of year when it is visible from the northern or southern hemisphere, its luminary, plus any other unique information.


The Mythology of the Constellations Great site for finding mythology.


The Constellation Table History and mythology of constellations.


Myths about the Sky, Constellations, and Stars Scroll down to Constellations.  How other religious groups see the stars in the night sky.


Star Myths: Miscellaneous Facts About the Classical Constellations


Observing the Fall Constellations Includes information about the mythology of the fall constellations.


Constellation Pictures Examples of pictures and the constellation that they represent.


Constellations and Patterns in the Sky


Dome of the Sky Click on a city on the left-hand side of the screen.  (You need to know if your constellation is found in the northern or southern hemisphere before you choose your city.)  Next click the month and then click on Show Constellations.  Find your constellation by looking at the configuration of the stars.  Click on your constellation.

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