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Animals!  Animals!  Animals!

General Animal Sites:

  With these sites type in the name of your animal and push Enter.  Remember, spelling counts!


Animal Diversity Web

Animals at Animal Corner

   Animals Hotlist Scroll down for a wide variety of animals.         

Creature Features From National Geographic just scroll down through the picture to find your animal.

Encyclopedia of Life                                  

Endangered Animals - Rare, Threatened and Endangered

Especies Fact Sheets Scroll down for a wide variety of animals.

Konica Minolta Endangered Animals

National Wildlife Association

   National Zoo                     

Nature Guides Use the search box at the top on the right-hand side to search or use the categories to narrow your search. 

Oakland Zoo  

San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes

    Science and Nature - Animals

US Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species

Western North Carolina Nature Center Search here for animals of North America.

       Wild Cats

Specific Animals:

Asian Elephant      

Bengal Tiger

     Bottlenose Dolphin

California Sea Otter



Coral Snake


    Golden Haired (Lion) Tamarin   

Gray Wolf

    Horse Choose a breed from the list for more information 

Mountain Gorilla

Mustang Horse



   Sea Otters    

Western Lowland Gorilla


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