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General Sites on Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Tomb Sites

Just Mummies


King Tut

The Valley of the Kings and The Valley of the Queens

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses


Hieroglyphics and Papyrus

Egyptian Food and Clothing


General Sites on Ancient Egypt:     

Egypt: Daily Life                                                                                

Ancient Egypt - from the British Museum  Click on the left-hand side of the screen for Egyptian life, geography, mummification, pharaohs, pyramids, temples, time, trades, and writing.

Welcome to Ancient Egypt Read some Egyptian Tall Tales and an original story about Ancient Egyptian Daily Life. Explore "Deep in the Tombs of Egypt", where you can watch a short movie about mummies and play games! Free PowePoint Presentations.

Ancient Egypt is a site from a primary school with lots of good information.

All Wrapped up in Ancient Egypt  Explore pharaohs, gods, mummification, hieroglyphics, and architecture; plus take a quiz on ancient Egypt.

Kids in Ancient Egypt What was it like being a kid in ancient Egypt? Find out here.

Egypt  Scroll to bottom of page and click on People, Mythology, Daily Life, Death & Burial, Writing or Archaeology.


     Just Mummies:                           

Clickable Mummy Click on different parts of the Mummy to view interesting facts and information about the mummification process.

Mummy from National Geographic

Egyptian Mummies at the Mummy Tombs

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses:  

Tales of Egyptian Gods & Associates

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

Egypt: Gods of Ancient Egypt

Gods and Mythology (Religion) of Ancient Egypt

Religion of the Egyptians 115 Egyptian gods -- choose one from the left-hand side of the screen in alphabetical system.


King Tut:     


Egypt from National Geographic  Click on “At the tomb of Tutankhamun” and then click on “Day 1”, “Day 2”, and “Day 3” for information on the finding of King Tut.

.: The Royal Mummy :. Facts about King Tut plus a picture of King Tut without his wrappings!



Cleopatra —

History of Egypt - Cleopatra VII, the Last Pharaoh

Biography of Cleopatra

Cleopatra - Queen Cleopatra of Egypt

Cleopatra Timeline

Hieroglyphics and Papyrus:      hieroglyphic.jpg

The Write Stuff - Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

NOVA Online/Pyramids/Hieroglyphics 


Writing in Ancient Egypt

Ancient EgyptianTomb Sites:        

Temple Abu Simbel

Temple of Philae

Edfu Temple

Luxor Temple

Temple of Hathor at Dendara

Temple of Amun at Karnak

Temple of Rameses III

Temple at Kom Ombo

Colossus of Memnon

Hatshepsut's Temple at Deir-el-Bahri


12_04_1686_W.jpg    Pyramids:           

The Great Pyramid of Khufu

Pyramids: How Old Are the Pyramids?

Explore the Pyramids of Giza

Nova Online: The Pyramids

 The Step Pyramid at Saqqara

 The Sphinx 

The Great Sphinx


The Valley of the Kings and The Valley of the Queens:       

Valley of the Queens in Thebes, Egypt

The Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings


      Egyptian Food and Clothing:

Ancient Egyptian Food from A to Z

The Diet (food) of the Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egypt: Clothing

What Was the Ancient Egyptian Clothing Made of?

Daily Life-- Clothing


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